Lost Sea Expedition
The new trip is the "Lost Sea Expedition" - a journey to rediscover the lost sea that once existed in the center of the North American continent.

Starting in April 2007, Bernie will take a mule wagon - pulled by a mule named Polly - to travel from Canada to Mexico.

Mule Woody
Bernie set off to cross North Carolina with a mule named Woody. He ended up adding a pony (Maggie) as a "wagon" and together they went from Oriental, NC to San Diego, CA. Read more...

Seabird - The Circumnavigation
Solo sailor Bernie circles the globe aboard Seabird - a 34' steel sailboat. Read more...

Garage Sale
A 2,000 mile voyage on the US east coast aboard "Garage Sale" - an 18 ft sailboat. Read more...

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