Tuesday January 17, 2017

bernie harberts mule polly
Polly takes a break to visit with some young visitors during her walk across the USA. That 14 month voyage became the basis of the Lost Sea Expedition TV series. She’s now hanging out with her old mule buddies in Asheboro, NC. A bit more about Polly right here. (Outside Hulett, Wyoming)

The past weeks have been crazy-hectic here at RiverEarth.com. We’re pulling hard as we can to wrap up post-production on the Lost Sea Expedition TV series. Still, mule Polly, Julia and I wanted to wish you all the best for the new year. Is mid-January too late for that? Nah, I didn’t think so…..
See you out there in 2017. In the meantime, all the Lost Sea Expedition updates are going up here at LostSeaExpedition.com.


Sunday December 11, 2016

bernie harberts lost sea expedition tv series trailer mule polly public televiison lostseaexpedition.com
The Official Lost Sea Expedition TV series trailer. Watch it here at the Lost Sea Expedition site.

It’s up! The website for the Lost Sea Expedition TV series launches today. Man it’s good to share this voyage after all these years of traveling solo. Come over and check out the official site and trailer.


Saturday July 30, 2016

bernie harberts falkland islands albatross rookery
Mule Polly and me during the New Mexican phase of the Lost Sea Expedition, our wagon voyage across America. Looking back on it now, I’m sure Polly wondered why I kept stopping and taking pictures like this one. She was right to wonder. That footage – including lots of interviews with folks met along the way – is now the Lost Sea Expedition TV series. (Hope, NM)

I’ve sailed alone around the world, been across America twice by mule and then some. But hands down, this is the biggest project I’ve ever completed. Call it a project a long time in the coming.

Here’s a sneak peak at the Lost Sea Expedition TV series.


Wednesday March 30, 2016


There’s a saying among Southern Ocean sailors. “Below 40, there is no Law. Below 50, there is no God.” It’s a bo-ho line to use down at Ye Olde Yachte Clube when it’s raining outside and you want to lay some salty lingo on a dirt digger.

But damn, here I was in hurricane force winds and snow. At Latitude 54 South. On the Antarctic island of South Georgia. Standing on “Windora” as she threatened to pound herself to splinters on a Southern Ocean rock.


Tuesday January 5, 2016

bernie harberts falkland islands albatross rookery
The Falklands have a hell of a lot more birds, sea lions and fur seals than humans. These three king penguins saw us off on our Southern Ocean voyage. I am sailing aboard the wood ketch anchored off the beach.

The day has come to put to sea. Tomorrow two New Zealand friends and I sail from the Falklands to South Georgia. It may be a while until you hear from me.


Saturday January 2, 2016

bernie harberts falkland islands albatross rookery
It’s shearing time in the Falklands. Here, a shearer tackles a double fleecer. No, it’s not worth twice as much. Read on for why.

The past weeks, I’ve been in the Falkland Islands helping my friends at shearing time. This means mustering sheep, packing wool in to a press and shooing the occasional jack ass penguin out from under the Land Rover.


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