Watch "Mule Rider" on UNC-TV
October 3, 2013

Fancy life in a mule wagon? Last winter, mule Polly and I hit the road with a film crew from UNC-TV. We spent the better part of a week traveling the back roads of eastern North Carolina – from Oriental to Aurora. Through the dormant potato fields, past the moored shrimp boats and giant rusting anchors. We visited with net maker Virgil Potter and guitar picker John Carawan.

What the film crew captured that blustery week recently aired as the “Mule Rider” segment on the “Our State” TV program. It’s the most authentic look in to wagon life I’ve seen.

A glimpse in to the making of Mule Rider is in the preview below. You’ll see why it’s hard to get anyone to come on these trips – let alone an entire film crew. Also included are scenes from the full-length program.

The entire Mule Rider program can be viewed here (this will re-direct you to UNC-TV’s site).

Join mule Polly and me for a mighty mule wagon trip.

Map note: map shows location of Mayo’s Supplies outside Hobucken, North Carolina. Polly and I spent a windy night in the pine grove across the street from the commercial docks. In the Mule Rider program, this is where you see the “Sorry I missed you” note.

Posted Thursday October 3, 2013 by Bernie
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