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UNC-TV to Feature "Too Proud to Ride a Cow" Book
July 31, 2008

“Too Proud to Ride a Cow”
By Mule Across America

Often, the story behind a book’s creation is as interesting as the final creation. Join UNC-TV host DG Martin and Bernie for a televised discussion of the Bernie’s Atlantic to Pacific mule voyage – and how the “Too Proud to Ride a Cow” book came into being.

Rick Pariseau: Rat Rancher
Lexington, Oklahoma

While bunking with rat ranchers and a lady wood poacher was adventurous, writing about it in “Too Proud” was even more challenging. That’s where the wool sweater, straight-back chair and sailor’s knot came in…


Then tune into UNC-TV’s “North Carolina Bookwatch” for the full story. Here are the dates and times:

Friday, Aug 29 9:30 PM
Sunday, Aug 31 5:00 PM

To read previews or order a copy of “Too Proud to Ride a Cow”, click her to go to the RiverEarth General Store.

To learn more about UNC-TV’s “North Carolina Bookwatch”, click here.

Posted Thursday July 31, 2008 by Bernie

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