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Preview "Woody and Maggie" Children's Book
August 14, 2006

Hi there. Welcome to the world-first preview of “Woody and Maggie Walk Across America”. Here, let me show you around.

Woody and Bernie
Oriental, NC
(Melinda Penkava photo)

“Woody and Maggie” is a children’s book that features something unusual about each state I visited in my 12-month cross-country ride. I wrote half of it – and Woody and Maggie handled the rest. If young readers don’t remember Arizona for the saguaro cactus, they’ll remember it for the naked green giants that can’t get their shoes back on.

Arizona: What Bernie saw (L) and what Woody and Maggie saw ®

So it’s an entertaining read. But it’s a geography book at heart and meant to teach children about the United States. Exercises at the end of the book help young readers identify each state by shape, location and characteristic.

Pages of exercises help young readers navigate the United States

“Woody and Maggie” is big (8 1/2” X 11”), bold (lots of primary colors) and all the pictures and maps are hand-drawn. It’s engineered extra-tough for the young crowd. I had the book printed on heavy paper (100-lb stock), saddle-stitch-bound with an extra-thick cover (120 point board) and wrapped with a dust jacket. This is one expedition-grade piece of literature.

The 40-page, full color, hard-back would be perfect for any 5 to 10-year-old reader on your gift list. Remember, Christmas is only a few months away. Or you could buy it for yourself. Lots of evenings I just leaf through it and loose myself in the America of windmills and sand dunes.

“Woody and Maggie” Back Cover

But “Woody and Maggie” isn’t just another mass-produced book sold through a mega-sized book store where you’ll never meet the author.

Nope. “Woody and Maggie” is an extension of the 12-month journey that unfolded with you at RiverEarth.com. You’ve been across the Rockies in winter with us. You’ve felt the Pacific Ocean rise up your legs after 3,500 miles on the trail. So you’re already part of the journey.

Which is why mule Woody wants to sign your copy.

That’s right. Woody wants to “hoof” (autograph) every copy of the book that’s ordered before September 16, 2006. That’s right, you’ll get your book signed by the first-ever mule to stand at the Official Center of the World.

The hoof that’ll sign your book
The Official Center of the World – Felicity, CA

So that’s what “Woody and Maggie” is all about.

I sure hope you’ve enjoyed your tour and decide to order a copy of “Woody and Maggie”. Remember, book sales help support the next journey coming to RiverEarth.com – the “Lost Sea” expedition.

“Okay, we’re ready to sign your book now…”
Southern Pines, NC – August 14, 2007

Woody and Maggie are standing by. Come on over to the General Store and order a historic piece of the RiverEarth adventure…

Posted Monday August 14, 2006 by Bernie

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